Sunday, October 26, 2014

Evolution of a Painting

I was reading some past articles of the Cloth Paper Scissors blog and came across an article from 3 Oct 2012 

5. Mixed-media artists take all comers. No one is going to close the circle and say, "You're not like us. You don't make art the way we do." 
Instead, mixed-media artists are more likely to throw open the studio doors and say, "Come join the party! Let's teach each other." 

My journey in mixed media painting has been successful ONLY because of the mindset of other mixed media artists. It is they who have taught me the techniques I use when creating a piece. They are the most supportive and encouraging group of artists ever. They will share any and all of their ideas and knowledge in hopes that other artists can know the joy of mixed media art and can practice to develop their own style. 

I feel honored to learn from others and because I have been taken under their wings, I feel a strong commitment to do the same for others whenever I can.

Though I have been asked to make video tutorials, I am not equipped to do that. I have no camera set up nor do I have the chutzpa to see or hear myself in that venue. So, instead, I thought I would share now (and perhaps more in the future) a pictorial of the evolution of one of my paintings. 

Well, here goes.......

It begins with an idea and a sketch

Coloring the face and getting skin tone the way I want it

Her eyes and first layers of the hair

 Final layers and details of her hair

The background is many layers of paint, paper, stencils, stamps and is ever evolving.

The final piece comes to life after considering my vision for her. She is beautiful and I want to be sure I do her justice in this painting.

I believe I did justice to this indian maiden in the painting and I truly enjoyed each step of creating her. 

I hope this post might encourage you to try mixed media painting and learn to enjoy the process. The outcome is not nearly as important as the creative journey. 

If I can help you, or you need some encouragement, please give me the opportunity to 'pay it forward'.