Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lifebook 2016 Update 3

Due to my trip to Utah and much wanted and needed company the last month, I am still behind in my Life Book 2016 lessons.

Some of these lessons were more difficult than others and to tell the truth, I was tempted to abandon the difficult ones altogether.

Those that were most challenging used supplies or techniques I was very unfamiliar with. I want to learn, but get stressed when I cannot produce the quality of painting that is acceptable to my own eye. That's a hard one for me.

However, I pushed forward and take pride in doing so and these are the results. 



As always, thank you for following my journey and taking the time 
to leave me a comment.

Tommy Jo

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eating Italian Ice is an ART Addiction

I have an addiction and for a long time I was worried about it. Anyone else that can't get through a day without Italian Ice?

Every night, I have Italian Ice microwaved for 20 seconds exactly to keep it icy, but a little slushy on the bottom. Preparing it is definitely an art, but thats not the art I am talking about here.

For month's I have saved the individual containers.

How in the heck is this art???? Well, for one thing, I use them in my art classes for each student's gel medium and water. No chance of running out of this supply, either...LOL

I am taking an online class and the project I was to complete was to be made out of a piece of junk mail. I had none at that moment and in order to stay on schedule, I had to get creative. After searching the house for something to substitute, it hit me.  Italian Ice!!!!!!

I used the box my Italian Ice comes in.

The following is a picture journal of how my addiction is an art. 


This finished piece is an inspirational journal that will fit comfortably in your purse (4.25" x 6"). On the inside, is note paper and a pocket. I included a ribbon marker  with some dangling charms. It has a sewn in velcro closure.

Just a note **** It was totally painted using my gel press... first time I ever used it and I think it turned out well. 

So? What's your art addiction?????

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cross Country Trip: Utah to the Byrd Street Studio in Florida

In May, I returned to Utah to bring the rest of my belongings to my new home in Florida. It was a lot of work and a LONG ride in a U-Haul.

Most of the following pictures were posted on instagram and were taken as Kirk drove and I enjoyed the scenery.

I drew this on the plane en route to Utah to begin the journey.

Got to see my girls and my great nephew

Me, Kathy, the Brekkster, Barbara and Sharee

Spent a week dragging everything down to the garage, packing and measuring to make sure it would all fit in the 10 ft truck.

They gave us a 14 ft truck, so I had plenty of room... and a ramp... yay.

We started our journey and before we even left Ogden, we had to replace a tire which put us about 5 hrs behind. So glad to finally be on the road.

Ogden, Utah

Wyoming is not necessarily full of horse ranches and prairies of roaming Bison, but beautiful, none the less.

Vedauwoo, WY

And you can get COFFEE on the road ANYTIME !!!

Cheyenne, WY

The whole state of Nebraska... yup, pretty much!

Sutherland, NE

We actually passed four Harley Davidson shops that you could see from the highway, but I only got one clear picture from a moving U-Haul. It was here in Nebraska's capitol, Lincoln.

Frontier Harley Davidson

As we entered Iowa and ended our eastward journey, the Missouri River.

Missouri River

Google maps took us pretty much straight east and then SOUTH, yay. Actually see Florida from here... lol I added the direction sign to this photo cuz I was so excited. Kansas City, here we come!

Kansas / Missouri State Line

I got a little confused as to what state I was in for about an hour... Kansas, Missouri, Illinois... That little corner messed up my geography as I once knew it...LOL This cable bridge connects Downtown St. Louis to southwestern Illinois.

Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

AND THE RAINS CAME.... other than windshield wipers and rainy and blurry pictures in Kentucky 

Four Rivers Harley Davidson, Paducah, KY

the next pictures came when we got to Tennesee. 

Nashville, TN

Tennesee was the most beautiful state. I truly would love to go back and spend some time there. As we neared Chattanooga...

Tenesee River near Chattanooga

For those of you who want to see artsy pictures, I tried drawing in the truck as we drove. It was not funny how frustrating it was with every bump and turn. I managed to get this quick sketch done and decided I am not a plein air artist.. haha

And then... Georgia... this is the picture of us waving au revoir to downtown Atlanta.

Downtown Atlanta, GA

Oh my heck, you can't imagine the excitement when we reached my home state!!!

Georgia/ Florida State Line

Arrived at the Byrd Street Studio at about 1am. Parked the U-Haul and trailer and only took in what we needed to sleep and hit the pool in the early AM !!!
WooHoo... Home Sweet Home

I am trying to get back to work in the studio and participate in classes I am taking, but after the trip I have had much wanted company. Family is most important to me, so work and play have been put aside. 

I look forward to sharing all the goings on post trip, but hope you enjoyed the cross country journey with me. My only regret is that the situation did not allow me to stop and visit or meet friends along the way.

Thanks for coming along on the recap of my trip. Did I happen to drive by your house and didn't know it???????

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Byrd Street Studio Tour

So? What do you think of my new blog header? Since I refer to my studio so frequently, I designed this logo and loved it so much that I decided to add it to the blog.

Byrd Street Studio is what I call my little home studio where I have been lucky enough to hold a few classes already. I hope to have a few more scheduled soon and eventually hold them with more regularity.

I hope to have a sign made for the outside entrance soon.

I paint here in this workspace.

I pull these tables out and set them up when we have classes.

Just outside the studio, I have set up this area that will eventually house the paintings, mixed media items and hand made cards for sale.

Here is a close up of my card rack... my goal is to have every holder filled.

I guess I need to get to work !!!

As always, thank you for stopping by. Would love to hear your comments!

Tommy Jo