Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Trying Encaustic

Oh my gosh!!!

I waited and saved a LONG time to invest in the materials needed for Encaustic painting. I have been watching videos for the last 6 months and I am mesmerized by this medium.

Though many claim you can 'make do' with some things you already have, that was not for me. It seems that when I try to cut corners in art supplies, I am not happy. I never get the results I expect and hence, I will abandon that project very quickly.

To give myself a fighting chance with encaustics, I knew I had to invest  a bit . So, first I ordered a griddle from Amazon that had the same amount of surface space as the large encaustic heat surface sold by the major companies.

Next, I ordered an encaustic sampler pack and a few extra colored waxes by R & F. I also ordered some oil sticks.

I went to Home Depot and bought a panel of masonite and had them cut it down to various sizes for practice pieces (They will cut it for free).

I spent the next few weeks putting all my "YouTube" lessons to work. These are some of the pieces I created: