Monday, December 25, 2017

Holidays are Almost Over

***I began this post back in November and realized today that I never finished it or posted it. Hence, a few older notes are included.

One year after her diagnosis and 6 months after her surgery, my daughter in law's blood work came back CANCER FREE! I can't tell you what a relief that is to hear.

Life sure does move fast the older I get. Seems days are never long enough to complete what I would like and I am a procrastinator as well, so most days I am reeling not knowing which way to turn.

I am making art at both my studio table and my dining room table when needed as another grandson has taken residence in the studio for a while. I used to paint at night.  I am usually most relaxed and inspired at night, but that's hard to do in someone else's temporary bedroom.

I completed  two more canvasses over the last couple months.

I had an idea of making some that would be sort of a series. The following are the first two:

I have been working part time at Staples in Print & Marketing (glorified name for the copy center..haha) since last February, so I hadn't experienced the business as everyone is printing cards and art gifts for the holidays. I've taken on extra hours, so some of my co-workers could spend more time with their families or shop for gifts. After New Years, my hours go back to 'just a few" which is what I prefer. That's why I retired to begin with.

For about 6 months, I have been consumed with watching videos of a 'new to me' type of art. I am saving my pennies for some basic supplies and I can't wait to try it. More info to come when I try it  and see if I am a success or failure ( meaning, whether I enjoy it or not).

In preparation for the holidays, I painted a few Christmas cards:

Baked some cookies:

Used recycled packing paper to wrap gifts and made the tags out of the same... one gift was in an envelope I made out of a piece of scrapbook paper:

On Friday, we had our Southeast Vilello Family Christmas.

It was just awesome. We had a great dinner and played fun games.

I am blessed to live closer to my kids now.

Had to steal this pic from my daughter's Instagram cuz even though
I have my phone in hand, I TOOK NO PICTURES!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday..