Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Studio Update-Life Happened

Since my last blog entry, life has happened.

My daughter in law has completed her cancer treatments and has had both of her surgeries. She is doing very well and is happy to feel somewhat normal after this whirlwind last year. As most know, the cancer scare does not end at the end of chemo and surgery. Her yearly checkups need to be clear, so we pray every day that her body is as much of a warrior as her mind.

I have a new great grand baby. She arrived April 15, 2017 and is named after her grandmother, my daughter, Emily. She was born in Utah and though I have not seen her in person, my granddaughter video chats me pretty regularly. I hope I won’t be a stranger to her when we finally meet. 

My eldest grandson (Zeter) has returned from his pilgrimage in Japan. He is back to work and I am counting on his Burlington discount...haha

Another grandson, Tony, graduated from his IT program in Utah and has come to stay with me until he gets on his feet. He is currently residing in the studio on an air mattress. I have to get used to not hanging out in there all day; at least for a while.

Family and friends have come to visit and I have enjoyed every minute.

Hurricane Irma happened (almost a year to the day after Matthew hit us) and I feel blessed that I had no damage to my house and only 3 days without power. 

I have been learning the process of recording tutorial videos of a mixed media class. As I complete them, I have been sending them to my girlfriend whose daughter is creating a painting from them. They are giving me feedback and I am learning a lot from that . For some reason, I can teach a class in person in the studio, but I get so very nervous trying to record myself teaching. I need to get over the nerves and think about investing in a camera for this purpose, Right now, I am just using my phone. Everyone has to start somewhere, eh?

I have been able to create a couple of art pieces in the last few months. Two of them sold after I uploaded them to social media.

These are a few I recently completed and still have in the studio.

I am also painting in my journal in an effort to art most everyday. My journals are pretty personal, so I usually show the painted pages on Instagram before I add my written journaling.

Tomorrow, I hope to scan some paintings and list on Etsy and Society6.

Thank you for your interest in my life and art journeys.