Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Break The Chronological Habit

Do you scrap chronologically? Meaning, do your pages reflect holidays or events of the year. Do you try your hardest to scrap your pages in order of when these events took place? If you do, try to remember the purpose of your scrapbooking.

I think back to my school pictures. My mother bought the 'packages' year after year and we did, of course, appreciate the changes in our physical attributes. You know, no teeth in 1st grade, awkward huge front teeth in 2nd grade, longer hair in third grade, etc..., but other than that, what was all that money spent on?

Did those pictures remind us of  the shenanigans we participated in with our best friend, our favorite teacher, or the christmas concert in which we got to sing the solo? I know, mine didn't. The pictures from my childhood that I am finding most important are those that show me with my friends, my first pet, our old house.

As an adult, I love the pictures of my kids together, or at their dance recital, or playing soccer. I love the ones where they are doing silly things. Those are the memories I don't want to forget. Those are my most precious memories of them.

Most of us scrap pages to document occasions or events, or special things that we find endearing in our family. These pages, we hope, will be gazed upon years after we have passed on.

So, do you want your children and grandchildren just flipping through your scrap pages as if they were their school pictures? Or, do you want your scrap pages to touch their heart with a memory or an emotion that shows them something about you and/or what you thought was important about them?

I was asked the other day if I ever scrapped a page of my most treasured possession. I really never thought about doing that. But, wouldn't we all like to know what our mothers cherished most?

Break the chronological habit. Scrap your memories. Scrap what your home has meant to your family over the years. Perhaps, scrap a page of your family's favorite recipe. I think you may find that pages like these are going to be the most rewarding and meaningful ones you will ever scrap.

Here is my latest scrap page of William and Winston. It was NOT inspired by a date (even though I have documented that on the page). Instead, I was inspired to show the close relationship between a boy and his dog! Love this picture!

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