Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to Create an Adoption Profile that Stands Out Amongst Others

 A few years ago, I was asked to duplicate an Adoption Profile book that was hand scrap booked.  It was a simple book that the hopeful adoptive parents intended to give the adoption agency. The agency would give it to birth mothers who wanted to know more about perspective parents for their baby.

I was moved by the warmth and empathy that this couple showed for the birth mother in each page. It made me realize that you should not write what YOU WANT the birth mother to know about you, but what SHE NEEDS to know about you. 

A profile does not tell your life story.  It’s focuses on three or four key themes. It should capture the key moments in your life that define you as individuals, as a couple, and as potential parents.

What you write in this profile is important, so you MUST have good copy that creates an emotional connection between you and your reader. 

A birth mother also wants to picture what her baby's life would be like if she entrusted that life to you. This is the visual part of your book. 

When it comes to standing out and getting your profile noticed by an expectant mother considering adoption, doing only one of these things right just doesn’t cut it. To make an impact and set yourself apart from others, both of the elements have to be in place — the writing AND the design. 

Let us help you create an Adoptive Profile Book that will convince an expectant mother that you are the couple that WANTS and NEEDS to share your love with their child.

Adoptive Profile books are very personal and involve much more than a typical scrap page. For this reason, they can't be ordered through our regular ordering process. The price will vary depending on the components you want to include and the copy that must be typed (typically $100 - $400 for a digital PDF file only). Printed pages are priced the same as our pricing page notes.

If you are interested in ordering, please inquire via email : 

Writing from the heart,
Ya Ya

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