Monday, July 29, 2013

Van's Warped Tour Pages

On June 29th, we were in Salt Lake City for the Van's Warped Tour.

and ....

We were lucky enough to get free tickets from a band member (and childhood friend of my daughter), Michelle of BaHMM (Beebs and Her Money Makers).

What an awesome time we had.. I was able to  fill my heart with Michelle. It was so great to see her in her music element; living her dream.

She took my grand kids under her wing and they felt so special. They loved her music. They loved that she knew their mother (who passed away when they were young). I can't begin to tell you how these kids felt as Michelle introduced them as her family to other band members.

These kids were beyond thrilled to watch from the front row as Beebs (Michelle) and Her Money Makers entertained the crowd. With backstage pass wrist bands (a perk of knowing the band), we were able to see up close as Michelle guest spotted in a song with Reel Big Fish.

There were a lot of wonderful bands on the tour and Michelle shared her favorites with us. What I found most heart touching is the comradery of these young band members. Van's is a grueling tour! Though it's an honor for a band to be invited on the tour, it is literally travel and work for these young people trying to develop a nationwide fan base. So, it was so nice to see how friendly and supportive they are of each other.

As you can see, I was VERY impressed and knew that I had to create pages that would keep this memory alive for my grand kids. And so... here are our memories of this very special day.
Thank you, Michelle ♥

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