Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun

It is the end of the day and I hope everyone  was able to enjoy their's as much as I did mine.

Though Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we also hold to some non religious traditions in our house.

Last night, my grandkids colored eggs and this morning they awoke to baskets of candy (they love the Skittles Sour Jelly Beans).

After the kids returned from church, we had a wonderful ham dinner and the fixings to go with it. Because it was not my day to do dishes, the fun started then, for me.

Last week, I mailed off my cards for the card swap hosted by Tracy Weinzapfel ( When I was done, I had a few paintings left but they had not been completed into cards. Though the cards I sent off in the swap were totally illustrated and painted by hand, I decided to try something different with the illustrations I had left. 

This afternoon, I was able to combine the two things I love most these days. I scanned the left over paintings (actually illustrations as they were created with Copic Markers) and then added a background and text in Photoshop. Then, I created cards out of them in InDesign. 


I love how they came out. I have a couple more girls illustrated, so I will work on them when I get a chance. 

Do you have a special inspirational quote you'd like to see on a card? I would love for you to leave me a comment and maybe I can use them when I create the others. 

Always, thank you to everyone who has supported my art journey and helped me along as I stumble through real life, too. 

A special thank you to my real life Ya Ya Sisterhood and partners in coffee consumption (Sharee, in particular), who gave me some insight yesterday that helped tremendously in my communication with my grandson.

Goodnight and Godspeed,


  1. Love those cards!!! I would love to scan some of mine Id I ever get in that kind of groove!!

    1. Thank you, Tamiko. I would love to see some of your stuff scanned and made into prints or cards. Hugs!

  2. These cards are amazing!!! I love them all!!

    1. Yvonne, your positive energy is so all encompassing. Thank you always for the support and encouragement. Hugs back, gurlie!

  3. You are so amazing. I have loved watching you progress in your talents, and I only imagine you will continue to amaze me. You rock!!!

    1. We are in equal "awe" of each other, I believe. I think your excitement fuels my inspiration. Always grateful for your feedback ( you know that). You and Tracy are the best at helping me move forward and in the right direction. Hugs!