Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation is Over: Artistry is in Full Swing

Though my vacation to Florida is over and I miss my family terribly already, not having my hands in art for that time has made me want to draw and paint every minute. I can't seem to settle down into 'real' life.

Before I update you, I want to thank Jeanette MacDonald and Sandee Setliff for participating in the blog hop and "link to artists" with me. If you read my sordid (and quite personal) blog post for this hop, I hope you linked out to their blogs and read a little about them. These are two amazing artists who I love and admire.

So.... Florida.
It was wonderful and full of emotion for me. My son celebrated his marriage and renewed commitment to his family in a lovely ceremony.


The reception afterwards was more like a party with some AWESOME traditional moments. Like this one, where my grandaughter got her dad good! Go Olivia!


The groom was as HANDSOME as evvvvvvver
The bride was Gorgeous
The love of their lives/flower girl was the perfect little diva of the day.


I had lots of family time (the highlight of the trip for me (I am a sap, I know). But who wouldn't be with the BEST family ever.


The twins got to spend time with their #2 Mom and brothers.


Waking up to the beach everyday was just the most wonderful experience.

So.... Florida. 
The return home was not so wonderful, but was equally emotional as I left my kids behind. Not enough time with my daughter and son.

The only art I created on this vacation was a page (in my journal) on the plane. I had no color with me, only black, gold and silver. Not bad and it sure made the flying time pass quickly.

But, as I said, all I want to do now is paint. I don't want to come back to the real life... grocery shopping, cleaning, school registration for the twins, etc...

So, my first whole day back, I created a painting that was inspired by the emotion of missing my sister, Tracy (who was with me in Florida) and the emotion of missing my sister, Robin (hence the winged sister).

As I take time to reacclimate my self with being back in Utah, I am working hard to become 'homey' again. 

Picking home grown veggies and making homemade meals.

To become an active artist again.
To getting my etsy shop 'off vacation' mode.
Like the little engine that could, I ,too, can do this... I think I can. I think I can. 

So... all this thinking has brought about some positivity in the direction I want to go and with how much force I want to push.

There will be more movement in the Etsy Shop and I have made an even bigger decision that I will share a little later.

It is a big step in bravery for me, so stay tuned :)


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