Friday, August 1, 2014

Gelatos: My First, Ever

Tuesday was the big day. I ordered gelatos from Amazon and they arrived on Tuesday. WooHoo!

I have seen so many fellow artists use them and it looked like so much fun. I have watched You Tube videos of artists using them on paintings and journal pages and after much arguing between the right and left side of my brain, the left side won! The right side got 'kicked to the curb' in this argument

You can order gelatos in sets of 4 coordinating colors or even larger gift sets, like 10, but I HAD TO HAVE LOTS. So, I bought this set and figured I would try them right away. I was excited and couldn't wait for dinner to be over so I could get creative.

I hunkered down with the set of gelatos to my right, my untouched moleskin journal to my left, and my tablet right in front of me. I watched a couple of 'how to' videos. I was ready to try them.

So... This is the page I created and I love it. Gelatos blended for the background, scrap paper stems, sunflowers cut out of a garden mag, stamped and handwritten lettering, everything outlined with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. Love love love and I was so proud of the first page in my journal.

The dark cloud soon desended ... I painted this page upside down. 
My OCD kicked in and I was stressed to the max. How could I ruin this journal with the very first page??????

Then, I realized that I only have 3 journals and I did each of the first pages upside down! 

So.... what does anyone do when they don't know what to think of this repetitive blunder? Announce your big stupid mistake to the world on facebook!!!!!

Yep... yesssirree, I did!

It didn't take long for me to be giggling about my upside down page. Actually, it was merely seconds before my 'savior' commented. I can always count on this woman to make me laugh and she did. Tamiko McCurry, I am not fully ok with this page being upside down, but thank you for laughing with me over this and putting it in perspective. 

Hugs ALL,