Saturday, August 23, 2014

Studio is Open

Last week, I put a picture on facebook of my newly acquired studio/craft room. It was a bittersweet acquisition. My grandson moved into his own apartment, hence an empty room. And though it was because he was ready to be on his own, I miss him LOADS!
So, here is the studio pic...

The room was pretty much unusable for a couple of days as I only had an overhead light. Not really a light condusive for painting. So, that prompted a trip to my local craft store to find an appropriate light for my space. Well, you probably know how that turned out. I did not walk out of the store with just a lamp :)

Everything was 50% off... YAY!

I usually paint at night and the Ott light is phenominal! This room is like a get away for me. It is so nice to have a room to paint in instead of painting at my kitchen table. I've had a couple of projects in the works and these are what I have been working on.

I am currently involved in a 'twinchie' swap ( just mailed mine out, so until the swap is over, I can't share full size pics). Don't know what it is? I didn't either when I was first asked to join in. Basically, a twinchie is a 2" square piece of art that you paint, collage, or decorate however you want. You can trade them like ATC's, so in this instance, we had to sign the backs and put any info you want to include on the back also. From what I read, you usually stick to a theme in a swap. I had never painted anything that small, so it was a real challenge. 

I have been busy making a huge change in my art life. It began with securing a domain name ( and parking a temporary page there for when I can set up my full web page. I was able to change this blog name and my facebook business page to that same name. I am so excited. I hope to tie in my etsy shop also. I am hoping this will make it easier for you all to keep up with my goings on.


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