Saturday, September 13, 2014

Original Listings Go Live

In just an hour, I will be activating listings for a few of my original paintings. It is scary and wonderful at the same time.

My art journey has picked up it's pace and I couldn't be more excited. Still finding my style, the process is so awesome for me.

The "Whimsical Girl Series" were the first mixed media paintings I ever did. They are my pride and joy (even though a little amateurish) as they represent my desire to inspire young girls to be confident in their self image, to be prideful of their heartlight, and to celebrate their individuality.  Truly, they are the hardest to part with.

As my journey has been one of learning and giving myself permission to experience joy, my paintings have evolved. I am in love with my growth as an artist.

Through my art, the process, I have been able to shed some regrets, work through the sadness that sometimes overwhelms me, to experience friendships AND be present in them and to actually feel the belief that others have in me as a person as well as an artist.

Please join me in my Etsy Shop and click on the "Originals" section today to see some of my original art pieces. 

Hopefully, I will be adding more whenever my heart is ready to let go. Not sure everyone will understand this, but I pour a lot of myself into each piece, so letting go is difficult.

Thank you everyone for your support. Without the encouragement of my sister, Tracy, my friends (online and offline) and fellow artisans, I would not be traveling and loving this art filled journey.

Love you all,

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful! You know you are one of my idols :) I love everything I see you make and you are in fact evolving. I just saw your newest Mixed Media piece and am in LOVE!. Girl you really need to at least do the process on your blog. Take pics of each process and what you did and post them :)