Sunday, August 9, 2015

Art Busy: Getting ready for Coffee Shop display

Hi everyone,

I have been very busy trying to participate more in the supportive art groups I belong to on Facebook as well as getting ready for my art display in September at Grounds For Coffee.

Yesterday, I bought more frames for my original art and I have been busy putting them together. Here are a couple I framed today and I loved how they turned out.

City Angel


Balloons: You Can Fly or You Can Soar

Balloons: Over the Mountains
These, as well as many more, will be on display the entire month of September at 
Grounds For Coffee Harrison location. 

This coffee shop supports local artists, so please stop in , get a beverage and thank them! They will surely appreciate your patronage.

These are the originals and they will be for sale. If there is one or more you would like to purchase, just let the associate at the counter know and they will put a sold sign on it for you. All sold pieces can be picked up at the end of the month unless I have one to hang in it's place. 

As always, you can get prints at my shop on ArtPal, too.

Well,  back to framing more pieces. This is a very exciting adventure for me, so as always, I appreciate your encouragement and support!



  1. Hi Tommy Jo...I absolutely love your creative works. You can tell they are Heart Art so special and beautifully made. You are such an inspiration. I loved every minute of my visit through your Blog. Antoinette Tristan/My Besties Sponsor Coordinator. Your Newest Crafty Friend and Follower.

    1. Thank you so much for the very kind words Antoinette. Each piece of art I create means something 'personal' to me, so being at this point in my journey where I am being encouraged to sell some of my pieces is a very hard concept for me. Your encouragement and that of so many others fuels the momentum I need to move forward believing that my art inspires others. If you are ever aware of a need I can fulfill through my art, please ask and if its possible, I will help. You have made me smile :)