Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Featured Artist At Grounds For Coffee

I am the featured artist at Grounds For Coffee for the month of September. Tonight, with two of my friends, I was able to hang my art on the walls of the coffee shop.

I planned well, and yet not well enough. I could have taken a few more pieces, but all in all, I loved seeing them hung together.

It was getting busy as I was finishing, so I was only able to infringe on the customers a little more to get these blurry photos.

I can't thank Suzy from Grounds For Coffee enough for giving me the opportunity to display my art locally. I am beyond excited.

Please stop by and grab a cup of coffee and check out my paintings. Every piece is Art From My Heart!


  1. They look fabulous all hanging together. Well done, so excited for you. :)

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I would like to say I wasn't nervous, but when I got there and had to hang art around customers, I got a little skiddish. However, they were wonderful. They moved out of my way without me asking and they seemed genuinely interested in the different pieces. Though I priced each piece, my intent is not the sale. I want to be seen and have people remember my name and art. I think that will be the key to being welcomed to teach art and sell art. I love this journey and kinda wish I could hole myself up in my studio to learn, practice and paint. Being a bit of an introvert, the marketing part of an art business is uncomfortable, but there is nothing I love more than talking about my art, helping others create and yes, I like it when people love my art. It's fuel :)

  2. how did I miss so many articles? I am ALWAYS in awe of your creativity. Your work is PERFECT and GORGEOUS beyond measaure everytime and I have told you this before. I could recognize your pictures of your girls ANYWHERE.. :) I hope this experience was EVERYTHING you needed it to be and more. i so wished I lived closer.. I would have brought friends and visited.. only after I came with you to hang your work! I like you don't always want to part with my art..but I sure don't mind sharing my knowledge or helping another learn to do what I do.. You are Awesome.. :) love ya

  3. Tamiko, the exposure was phenomenal. Also, I will be teaching there in Nov. This coffee shop features a local artist each month. They support the community and that is what so many communities need. I was honored to hang my art there. Thank you for your never ending support and encouragement.