Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Angel Fish: Mixed Media

I'm getting ready to start a couple of new chairs, but I needed a diversion before getting too involved with them.

I recently got some new Daniel Smith watercolors that I have been dying to use , but I haven't gotten a box for them yet. So, for this piece, I used my Grumbacher watercolors.

I really enjoy the colors related to the tropics; so bright and fun and, I am currently inspired by tropical wildlife. I taught a class where the artists painted a flamingo. I painted geckos on the top of my whimsical chair. So, for this, I painted some tropical fish; angel fish to be exact.

I began with a pencil sketch and I really liked it. I, then, copied the first fish two more times, but changed the size.

I chose various colors of blue for the water.

I wanted bright colors for the fish and I accented the watercolors with Prisma colored pencils.

Afraid that blue or green might not stand out against the water, I was hesitant to use those colors on the third fish. I tried it and really liked the result.

I wanted to add some plant life, so I cut some green scrapbook paper and layed it on the picture to figure out the best placement.

I painted the strips in lime and grass greens and attached them with gel medium (changing the placement of course, it's how I roll). Lastly, I splattered white paint hoping that it would resemble bubbles. This is the finished piece and I really love the result.... oh, those colors!

Thank you for following in my art and life journeys. 


  1. Ohhh I LOVE this and seeing the progression of it! Fantastic painting, TommyJo!

    1. Thank you, Von. I have been so busy devoting time to painting furniture that I just had to make sometime to get back to the painting I really love. I don't have a lot of experience with watercolors, so anytime I can try them is a learning experience.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jean. I really enjoyed the diversion from painting chairs :)

  3. Beautiful piece, you did a fabulous job painting them! Love the added touch of the white splatters too!