Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend: Olivia's Ornaments

Hi Everyone...

I saw that most people had a fabulous Thanksgiving either at home or away. I, in fact, spent my 'first' Thanksgiving away from my home. My grandson and I were invited to my son's mother in law's home and we were grateful to be asked.

I took an antipasto (can't get away from the italian in me) and a crockpot of turkey gravy. My daughter in law's mashed potatoes are the bomb diggity, so this girl woulda been happy with just those. However, everyone brought delicious food and a lot of it.

The day after Thanksgiving, it is a tradition to do home made ornaments with the kids. I was excited that I was able to spend the day with Olivia (my grand daughter) and carry on that tradition.

I already had my tree up with the lights on, but Olivia put the decorations on it just after she arrived.

I never tire of seeing my tree lit. I had just arrived in Florida the 8th of December last year, so I really didn't have time to put up decorations and enjoy them. I was very busy unpacking and trying to set up house.

After we put the ornaments on the tree, we went to work making Olivia's first traditional ornaments with 'Manna'.


The peppermint candy and the reindeer bulb were ideas from a YouTube video. The wreath is an ornament I have made with my kids and my grown grandkids in the past.

Since Hurricane Matthew came through, everyone in the neighborhood is just seeming to get the tail end of clean up and repairs done. I still have fences to fix, but I was able to finally paint the base of one of my outside tables. I may not get to painting the chairs for a while, but its nice to have the glass back on the table top for now.

We have had beautiful weather here in Florida (ok, I'll admit that I freeze after about 5pm when the temps go down into the 70s and continue to fall into the 50s at night). I have no idea how I survived the winters in Utah for so long.

With the beautiful daytime temperatures comes more outdoor time for me. Though the electrical pole and wires at the corner of my back yard are an absolute eyesore, sometimes, I am able to look past them at a more awesome sight.


Amidst all the weekend activities, I was able to finish a painting and I will post that on Saturday. But for now, I have to get back to reality and pay some bills or my Christmas lights will be off and I won't be able to watch ELF on tv :)

I hope you all are as excited as I am for this Christmas spirit that is beginning to take over. Sometimes you just need that.... and your angels to make an appearance.

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