Monday, February 25, 2013

Restoring an Old Photo

One thing that gives me an abundance of satisfaction is restoring an old photograph. A photo, that we once thought was ruined, can often times be restored to wonderfully nice quality.

Have you ever thought you cannot put an old ruined photo on a newly designed scrap page?  In my opinion, YOU CAN! The purpose of scrapping a page is to preserve a memory. The visual of an 'antique' picture honored by a beautiful design is something to cherish.

However, that same photo can  often times be touched up a little rendering it a nicer look for a page without changing the integrity of the photo's age.

 This is the before and after of a photograph a friend asked me to restore. 

The picture on the left is the original photo of her dad. The one on the right is the result after just and hour of restoration time. 

Wonderful, don't you think? I think either of these would make a beautiful photo for a scrap page, but the restoration and printing on an archival paper will give this photo even more years of life.

My friend actually gave me TWO photos to restore. This one (of her dad) and another of her uncle. I guess I better get to work... how fun!

I scanned the original photograph, so now my friend has the original photo, the scan of the original photo in digital format , and the digitally restored photo that can be printed on archival paper. 

Ya Ya

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