Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photos That Inspire

Making memorable scrapbook pages can sometimes take forever because we are looking at pictures of a special event and are trying to make them spectacular. You have the pictures ... and you know the event, but you struggle to make them into a unique page that honors the memory.

Believe me, I have fallen prey to this 'scrapper's block' many times.

Sometimes, however, you see a picture of no particular event, but you are totally inspired and know you must SCRAP THAT PICTURE! 

Hence, I'd like you to meet William! 

This picture is a professionally taken photo (Ultimate Images: www.uiphoto.com) and I have to admit it captured William in all of his awesomeness!
The photographer was obviously inspired to use a black and white format as a way to interpret William's innocence. What a wonderful job!

From the moment I saw this picture (among others taken), I was inspired and I knew I had to SCRAP THAT PICTURE! 

Here is the scrap page that I made from this one very cute and inspiring photo....

So, now as you look at some of your loose photos, look through inspiring eyes. Don't try to remember the event and struggle to build from that. Instead, build a page from a picture that whispers for you to make it special with your design. 

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