Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Always Learning

For months, I have contemplated whether  it would be beneficial for me have the ability to add content to my blog using my phone.

I am a creature of habit and I love being in my comfort zone. I am confident in my comfort zone. My life seems to move just the way I want it to there.

Why would I want to do anything that might make me feel ill at ease? The answer is that I love to learn and I don't want to get behind where technology is concerned.

My phone is amazing and I want to be able to utilize it as much as possible. I want to be mobile and not have to be chained to my desktop.

So, in envy of those around me who do amazing things with their phones, I download the blogger app on my phone.

And... I looked at the icon for weeks. I thought long and hard about trying to post. What would I say? Will it work? Will it be easy?

So, here it is. A test, really, to see if I am comfortable with this. I'll post my feelings once I see if this works.... here goes....

Ya Ya

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