Thursday, December 26, 2013

Superhero: #7 in My Whimsical Girl Series DONE

A while back, I sketched and began a painting that was inspired by a very special girl. She's my daughter's best friend and an awesome musician.
The Sketch

The Painting's Beginning
I've had this painting sitting on a shelf just as you see above, because I wasn't exactly sure how to proceed. 

You see, this one is personal. It is about a girl who grew up with my daughter. A girl I know personally. A girl who had a dream and has worked hard to make that dream come true. A girl who continually reaches out to make everyone who crosses her path feel valued and special. 

 Today, Christmas Day, I felt she needed to be completed. She's done and I just love her. 

I hope Michelle likes her as much as I do (this may very well be my favorite of the series).

What do YOU think?

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