Saturday, September 27, 2014

Artist in Attendance

I signed up for an e-course and have been consumed with it since I started. It is hosted by one of my favorite artists and I am learning so much more about mixed media than I ever thought I could have.

It's a very basic workshop teaching me how to build layers on my canvas. Paint, paper, textures, more paint, and more paper to cover up what you just painted. More paint to cover up the paper that just covered up all the effort you made in the previous painted layer. I know, right? Seems like a lot of repetition and senseless work, eh?

Well, I can only say that my thoughts have changed. I am learning that all the layering is what adds interest to your painting. If you skip them, you lose the dimension that draws your audience's eye to the piece.

That said, I am struggling. First, it seems like such a waste (time and money) to keep covering everything up. Second, what makes it all work is the chaos that is created in the first few layers. I am a CONTROL freak. We don't do chaos!!!! Ha, tis true, I am doing it. I create chaos and then unknowingly tie it all together.

It's actually therapeutic for me. I have to trust the process and learn that it is ok to be spontaneous. There are no mistakes, our teacher says, just happy accidents.

I tried to capture the steps. I need to be reminded of what the paintings look like early in the process:


Can you see why I was so stressed out? But, I love it, so I will continue to be an artist in attendance and learn all I can from this class.


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