Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rainy Weekend = Art

This has been a rather chilly and rainy weekend. Though I miss the sun, this weather is very condusive to hiding away in my art room and not feeling guilty.

I have created two new pieces this weekend and though they are very different, I enjoyed the process of each one equally.

Needing a little break from my 'mantra' painting practice, I just wanted to draw and paint what is easy for me.

Usually, I color faces with my Copics, but about half way through, two of my necessary skin tones ran out. I didn't have refills, so I had to use acrylics. I have never 'painted' a face, with paint, EVER, so this was a real challenge. 

She is a lady of color and I wanted her hair to reflect the same; her confidence, beauty, and a little 'disco'. This sooooo brought back my 80's ... Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, and so many more... I danced my little heart out to these icons... memories.

This next painting many of you have already seen as I have posted it on fb, instagram and twitter. It is another canvas inspired by the ecourse workshop by Kelly Rae Roberts (my introduction to mixed media was through a purchase of her art as a gift for my sister).  

I thought you may want to see my how it progressed.

How it all started - A hot mess!

Needed to cover it all, so I picked a
favorite stencil - Liking this!

Added a layer of flowers -
Really liking this!

Decided it was very busy, so grabbed
that stencil again -
Starting to fall in love with it!

Added the gold trim -
This is sooooo me, LOVE!

Finished piece - Dream (and I do)

Thank you for letting me share my art life with you.


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  1. Aren't rainy days the best? I'm hoping for some rainy day art myself tomorrow, just LOVE all your work!!!!!!!!!