Friday, November 14, 2014

Krylon Mystery Box Challenge

Well, here it is friends... the result of much panic and stress after receiving my "Krylon Mystery Box" in the mail about 2 weeks ago.

 I was so excited to be a participant and anxiously awaited my surprise package. When it arrived, I had it ripped open within minutes.

I knew of a few friends who had also participated in the challenge, so I already knew what was coming. I was aware of the items that would arrive and knew that there would be a beautiful mini crate from Walnut Hollow as well as two cans of Krylon Short Cuts spray paints. However, everyone's paint colors were different. The colors in my box were Red Pepper and Ocean Blue.

Also, included were two white (large) squares of material, burlap ribbon and assorted wooden buttons. Immediately, I thought "Americana. I had to make something that showcased the red and blue paints, the natural wood of the crate and buttons and the burlap.

Seemed easy enough. But, my heart said that I wanted to try something a little more creative and something that "I" would use when it was done. Americana is not featured anywhere in my home, so on went my thinking cap.

I decided to make a soap holder for my homemade soaps with bags for my lavender seeds. But, my soap labels are pastels and that caused a bit of a dilemna.
Though I constantly cry out that I am not creative, I knew for this project I was really going to have to think outside the 'box' (no pun intended).

I was talking to my daughter on the phone one day and she got the wheels in motion for me. This project now had vision.

Through pictures, I will take you on my creative journey:

First, I tea stained the squares of white material. These would be used  for making the lavender seed pouches.

Next, I actually sprayed the two paint colors together in a small cup and adding a little white acrylic paint and water, I was able to create a color that matched my soap label.

I sanded my crate and stained the inside and two of the slats on each side with the bluish lavender color I mixed. Can you even imagine all the colors you could make with just a couple different cans of these Krylon Short Cuts???? It took a couple of coats before I was really happy with it. 

I cut the material and sewed two bags to hold the lavender seeds as potpourri.

I pulled a few strings from the burlap ribbon and threaded them through a couple of the buttons. These I used to tie the bags closed. I tied a string of the burlap around one of the soap bars and added the string of buttons as adornment (I painted the heart button with the Red Pepper paint and tied a couple knots in between each button).

Hot gluing circles of the tea stained material with pieces of the burlap ribbon; both, underneath a wooden button threaded with a strand of burlap string, I created very natural toned flowers and glued them to the front of the crate.

Though you can't see it, I also cut, sewed, and stuffed a piece of the tea stained material to make a pillow for the inside of the crate. This lifted everything up a little for display.

Thank you Krylon and Walnut Hollow for sponsoring this Mystery Box Challenge. Knowing now that I can create multiple colors by simply mixing these paints, I think I will purchase a few more for my craft projects. I will have the full strength colors (which are very vivid and cover so nicely as they are) and the choice to create many more colors with just a few basic Short Cut colors.

Cross Stitch by Designs By Lisa
There you have it.... my finished project. And.... I  love it!


  1. You did a terrific job on this Tommy Jo.. I love the washed out blue you achieved and your hessian flowers look fabulous..
    Sandy :)

  2. Wow Tommy Jo. You went above and beyond. On this project. It is very creative and I love it. The mixing of the paint . Awesomeness.

  3. Tommy Jo.. YOU ARE FABULOUS!! If I haven't told you that before.. this proves it!! I would swear you do things like this for a living as a professional designer and teacher!! I am so impressed with how this is all formulated and brought together! You take awesome pictures! Create even more awesome staging. I am just flabbergasted! AGAIN, THIS IS FABULOUS!!! The flowers, the colors, the dangles.. Oh just throw it in a box and and send it to me!!! and NOTICE.. I asked before EVERYONE!! ::hint hint:: lolol So proud of this.. for YOU!!