Saturday, May 30, 2015

Learning My Art :Lesson From Kate Thompson

 I'm still learning from Kate Thompson's 'Fractured Angelics' class and I am loving the new techniques and mediums I am using. Kate's style is envious and as you all know I LOVE her work.

This is the start of the second piece I have been working on. A very classical look and I felt she was coming along nicely.

I added a few elements of collage and color and felt confident that I was finally 'getting' it...the style that I love about Kate's work.

After procrastinating my next step for over a week, I sat down to add to this piece and it was like a light bulb went off. I can not emulate the work of artists that I love, but I CAN learn from them. The lessons need to be applied, however, to MY art, so I can expand on what is mine. Hence, this piece is slowly becoming mine and I am comfortable with her.

Once I wrapped my head around the fact that I love my art and I enjoy creating in my own style, I just let go and it was with ease that I finished her.

Thank you Kate Thompson for being such an awesome teacher and sharing your art, your knowlege, your techniques, and your time. I am beyond blessed to be able to learn from you!

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