Saturday, May 16, 2015

Something For Mom

Though my own mom is no longer with me, not a day goes by that I don't think of her and how important she was, and still is, to me. Any good mothering skills that I have came from her (any bad ones were my attempt at believing that I could do it better)... haha

The following is my attempt to create a couple of pieces that capture the love a daughter has for her mother. 

Magnetic Frame and Tag

I have been watching my fellow mixed media artists make beautiful tags for quite a while, but I never had all the bells and whistles ephemera to put together something that seemed abundantly pretty.

One day at work I walked by a box of old manila folders that were earmarked for the trash. I grabbed a few and cut them up into tag shapes.

Using paper and flowers from the Frosted Designs "Rustic Beauty" Kit  as well as some odds and ends burlap, bling and old flowers from Michaels, I was able to create these tags that I just adore!

Though they are beautiful on their own, with Mother's day approaching ( and my melancholy mood ) I decided to create a little something that would make an inexpensive but loving gift for any mom.

On one of my Michael's shopping trips, I picked up a couple of magnetic frame on sale for $1. The designs weren't much to look at, but I knew that I could paint them or cover them.

I cut a piece of paper the size of the frame.

I cut the center out, glued it to the frame and distressed the edges with a charcoal ink.

To cover the places in the center that didn't totally cover the original frame, I added some black ribbon.

I found flowers and bling and layed it out (and changed it again and again) until I liked the design.

With some finishing touches, I created this frame that perfectly matches the 'Mom" tag I created previously.

I think a simple but beautiful gift made from your heart is what most mothers would love to receive on Mother's Day.

I remember a song from my childhood that just kept creeping up in my head as I was making these. Do any of you remember this song?

M is for the million things she gave me.
O means only that shes growing old.
T is for the tears she shed to save me.
H is for her heart of purest gold.
E is for her eyes with love light shining.
R means right and right she'll always be.
Put them all together and they spell M O T H E R. 
A word that means the world to me.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom in heaven and all the mother's around the world. You are loved and remain in our hearts forever.

This post made me teary eyed, so I am off to wipe my sniffles and maybe try a little less sentimental project next.

I so appreciate your visiting.

Tommy Jo

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