Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Limited Supplies = Limited Creative Options

You all know that I recently moved from Utah to Florida and I could only take with me what would fit in my car. I had to downsize in every area of my life; clothes, sentimentals, technology, and yes, even my art supplies.

I brought the bare minimum of each. Hence, I wear the same clothes more than one day (minus personals, of course).

My entire wardrobe

 I have few sentimental items out in view as my new home has no surface space to display them.

Favorite picture of my sister and I
(when I was about 3yrs old)

Lastly, the art supplies I was able to bring are about 1/3 of what I had accumulated in Utah:

I have struggled with creating art because when you have fewer supplies, you have to find alternative ways to create. I don't have the choice of brushes anymore or the choice of various mediums. I don't have the choices of papers or ephemera. I had to leave a lot behind.

Many people will say that you can create with what you have and though that is true, it is also true (at least for me) that your creative options are limited.

I am saving every catalog that comes in the mail for collage items, every aluminum can to create metallic pieces, etc. and am slowly purchasing things to expand my supplies. The struggle is becoming an obsession. Nothing leaves my hands until I believe there is nothing I can create with it!!!! 


  1. Spot on!! Everything has dual purpose when supplies are at a minimum and you are gifted enough to use them to their max! Go you!!

    1. Thanks Von. I have a real pity party though when I want to do something and cant figure out how to make it happen...haha I just need (ok, want) more
      stuff!!! :)