Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Hiatus

 With all the March visitors and the Easter holiday, I have done the bare minimum in my studio. This week's Life Book lesson was a real challenge and went from hate to love many times before its completion.

I've had a couple of uninvited, but interesting visitors. These two Mottled ducks (one a female and one a male) have visited every day for the last week. They've swam, nested, waddled and even mated. Though I love watching them, I am not too keen on housing them for any extended period.

Bought new chairs for the studio as my first class is approaching very quickly.

Had a great Easter holiday with the family. My daughter was not here as she had to work and she was greatly missed. That aside, the meal and company was wonderful. Even my neighbor (82 yrs old) and friend from across the street was able to join us. 

My grandkids enjoyed the pool.

And the littlest enjoyed the Easter gift I got her....

Officially, my Easter hiatus is over. New Life Book lesson is out today and need to get back to work.


  1. Everything and everyone has its time and place ... so glad you get to enjoy it all!

    1. Thanks, Von. Sometimes I have trouble fitting everything into life nowadays. I want to have fun every moment :)