Thursday, April 14, 2016

Awesome Class - Mixed Media Flamingo

Yesterday, I taught my first mixed media class since moving to Florida. Arranged by my very dear friend, Karen Savage, the girls were all members of her golf group.

This was the painting the ladies completed at class.

First, we painted the canvasses with DecoArt Americana Acrylics and while they were drying, we resorted to our early childhood skills of 'cut and paste' to get all the elements ready. Leaves and palm fronds all over the place...haha

Once we had all the elements completed, the girls arranged them on their canvasses. With Liquitex Matte Medium, they began began gluing the leaves, flowers and their flamingos on to their canvas.  It really began to look quite tropical in the studio.

The wine drinking, talking and laughing made the "Byrd Street Studio" feel alive with artistry.   

Almost done and I am really feeling pride in these paintings. I hope these girls had as much fun as I did!

A couple of the girls had to leave to make prior promised dinner engagements, so you see a couple of unfinished paintings here in the picture. However, Carolyn stayed and finished hers as we talked and got to know each other better.  

Thank you, ladies, for your kindness and for giving me the opportunity to share my love of mixed media art with you. I truly hope to see you in another class!


  1. Oh how awesome to see stages and hear the step process of their fun! Well done everyone!!

    1. Thanks, Von! I think it was more fun for me. I love to see the finished projects and see people smile at their accomplishment.

  2. Looks like your first class was successful...

    1. Oh Sharon. It was awesome. I love sharing my love for the art in this setting :)