Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Canvas Cat - Painting My Fear

Most people know I have a fear of felines. Not a dislike, but a fear, so I have never included a cat in any of my art.

The other day, my grand daughter brought over the cutest coloring book called, Cats With Hats: Coloring for a Purrfect Day

She was showing me a few of the pictures she already completed and I found myself flipping through some of the cutest illustrations. I found one that I loved and decided to incorporate it into a canvas.

The background is actually a napkin that I applied to an 11 x 14" canvas. I used an acrylic wash on the kitten before applying it to the canvas.

Loving the colors, I painted a few butterflies to match and then decided where I would put them. 

I added some paint to the background to suggest a daytime garden. I stencilled the kitten's cap in a victorian pattern. I painted a few more flowers, some limbs and then details to round out the painting.

Finished 11" x 14" Canvas
Thank you always for following my life and art journeys.


  1. Well, anytime you had butterflies to something it makes it less fearful, right? Very cute page and good for you for doing something different than your norm! One day you might own one as a pet, bwahahaha

    1. I love butterflies and will never own another cat! This painting was definitely out of my norm, but I enjoyed making it. Thank you, Sandee.