Saturday, September 24, 2016

Byrd Street Studio: Classes for Kids

Yes, Byrd Street Studio offers classes for kids.

Last Saturday, we hosted a private class for two sisters ages 7 and 9. I was so excited as their dad chose the media for me to teach.

Setting up required very little as I had already done a lot of the prep work. The class was to run from 12 Noon to 3pm.  I popped a bowl of popcorn and waited for their arrival.

The girls were creating 12 x 12 canvasses with a lot of mixed media elements as well as metal flowers. 

First they picked background tissue paper and then we did a mini lesson in how the metal flowers were cut (I had already cut some in advance). 

They chose the flowers they wanted and then picked what embossing they wanted their flowers to have. They ran them through the Cuttlebug and were all smiles when they took them out of the embossing folders.

They layed the flowers on their canvasses to figure out the placement and we took pictures so they could refer to them after we inked the flowers and added more to the canvasses.

We had to let their canvasses dry and also re-energize as children can't necessarily stay on task for the full time allowance of a class. The good thing about Byrd Street Studios is we have a POOL!!!

The girls took a break and then back to the studio to finish their canvasses. They seemed to have a great time and look how proud they were of the their finished paintings.

This is why I love what I do!

Thank you as always for following along in both my life and art journeys.


  1. Amazing studio! Wonderful art! You are so cool Tommy Jo to share your talent!

    1. Thank you, Ana. I love what I do, be it teach or paint:)

  2. Oh how splendid!! Love seeing and hearing of your class process with the girls and their paintings are wonderful! I bet those will hang in their rooms with pride and an experience they will not ever forget. Those beaming smiles!! 💖

  3. Thank you Von. They definitely were the cutest girls ever and they were pretty darn proud of those paintings :)

  4. How fun arting with you AND swimming!

    1. Thanks, Sandee. This was my first class for young students and I really enjoyed it. Their attention span is less than that of an older student, hence the pool break was to re-energize. It worked!