Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Friendships Improve the Quality of Our Lives

Last month, I traveled to North Carolina to be present at my great nephew's birth. While I was there, I took a side trip to Asheville and was able to meet up with some friends I knew only from Facebook interaction.

The evening we met for dinner, I actually met someone I had not met online, but was affiliated with one of the other girls at dinner. Nedine and I seemed to connect and I left dinner feeling so glad that I met her and suggested that we meet up on her future trip to Florida.

Hoping it would happen, but being a little nervous about this new connection, I awaited contact from her...........

One day, she messaged me and we were able to set up the visit. She was flying into Orlando, so it would require her driving over an hour to meet me and she was more than willing to do that.

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful day we had. This was a surprise weekend for her son and I commend her for pulling it off. What an awesome mom!
M (her son) had never seen the ocean and I live just minutes away, so off we went.

M loved the ocean. He chased the gulls, rode the waves, collected shells and managed to get his trunks full of sand... I loved watching him!

Nedine and I just sat and talked for the longest time. We definitely connected and found such commonality between us.

The quality of my life is better knowing these two people.

Look what they brought me !!!!!

Thank you as always for following along in both my life and art journeys.


  1. I just love that first picture of M in the ocen! So glad that M and his mom got to come visit you and it looks like ya'll had such a great day! Love your new T-shirt too!

    1. I got so many great pics of M, in the ocean and in the pool. Not only did Nedine and I connect, I think M wants to come back and visit his Aunt Tommy

  2. awesome awesome read TJAVA.. So glad you guys had a chance to reconnect. This is kinda stuff friendships are made of!!!

    1. Making friends and memories is so important to me. I'm just so blessed that Nedine was willing to make the drive.

  3. God blesses us in so many unexpected ways with unknown souls who suddenly become known to our lives and hearts! 😍💞😍