Saturday, September 17, 2016

Your Child's Art: From Fridge To Wall

The other day, my grandaughter came to my house right after school and wanted to show me the coloring she did that day. She was so proud. My instinct has always been to take that piece of 'art' and put it on the refrigerator.

This is how we let our kids know that we love what they created. We wouldn't hang it up if it wasn't the most marvelous thing we had ever seen, right?

I decided to try something different this time. Olivia actually brought THREE owls home from school. I told her they would look awesome as a painting and she agreed. She cut them out and left them on my table in the studio.

Later that night, I found a background that I made a while back with left over pieces of paper. It was very sturdy, so I thought it was a good choice.

I had some napkins that I have been using for some current projects and thought one floral in particular would add the additional the color I wanted to see.

I arranged the owls and thought that with additional painting to tie everything together, Olivia would really like it. Because crayons are wax, I painted the owls with clear gesso so I wouldn't have a problem if I wanted to add paint to them.

I added a little green paint  to the background to make it look more like a forest of flowers. A little dark blue added to the top looks more like the sky. I added black around the perimeter to tie in the black elements of Olivia's owls.

The finished painting includes splatters and a more defined tree limb. I think Olivia is gonna love this and now her art can hang on the wall instead of the refrigerator.

Thank you as always for following along in both my life and art journeys.

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