Saturday, September 10, 2016

Life Around Here - Part 3: My Return from North Carolina

Hi All...
Returning to Florida after a wonderful two weeks in North Carolina was difficult and hectic.

Two weeks is long enough to get attached and to feel like a home away from home (oh my heck, I bet my niece was so glad to get rid of me by then... I was growing roots, people!)

I came home and the house remodel did not skip a beat.

Getting ready for stucco
Stucco going on

Back wall stucco done

Painted to Match My Hair (gray)

New Gutter  

Fire pit build

While the crew was busy on the house, I was busy in the studio planning for classes and creating my own art.

This first project was for a class we are having in a couple of weeks. They are altered wine bottles and I believe we have 4 people already attending.

I just scheduled  my first private class for a couple of young girls. I believe they are ages 7 & 9. We are going  to make mixed media canvasses with metal flowers similar to what a previous student (and friend) Carolyn  did here.

My latest painting came about after watching a Discovery channel movie on whales. I was mesmerized by the sperm whale and I have always been intrigued by the myths of unicorns and mermaids. Here is a step by step pictorial.

Thank you as always for following along in both my life and art journeys.


  1. So glad you enjoyed your trip. And the art work is great good luck with the classes

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I'm excited to teach more classes in the studio.