Saturday, October 8, 2016

Byrd Street Studio Update: Business Cards

Hi everyone!

I recently had to change the information on my business cards. Mostly, due to the fact that I have closed down my web page.

I am going to concentrate on getting the information about the studio out in fewer avenues. Trying to maintain a blog, social media, a web page, participate in learning classes, host art classes and still have time for creating art, became much too time consuming. I wasn't participating in any of them fully.

Often times, we spread ourselves, too thin and actually accomplish less.

That is exactly what was happening to me. So, I have made a plan. It starts with giving myself more art time and then hosting classes (that's what pays the bills).

As you have already seen, I created a studio logo that I love (using it as my blog header for now).

So... here they are,... my new business cards!!!!

I love that they are simple and finally all the information is accurate! I chose the pink background , well, because flamingos are PINK! 

Thank you for following my art and life journeys!


  1. Congrats on the new cards, the new life, the new business and the new inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Von. It helps to have support from a lot of online friends/artists. The encouragement of all of you has made it possible for my art journey to be successful.

  2. I love your new business cards! And I couldn't agree more about spreading yourself too thinly!

    1. Thank you, Sandee. It was your words that confirmed my feelings that I need to focus more on less to succeed and then build from there.