Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Decision to Sell My Original Artwork: Part 1 The Journey

Since I started painting in 2014, I have only recently sold a few "original" artworks.

You have to understand the journey of my art life to truly understand why it has taken so long for me to make this decision to sell some of my originals.

The journey, however is long, hence, this post is Part 1. I hope my pictures will keep you interested enough to keep reading and come back for Part 2 :)

In the past, I only sold prints of my paintings, notecards made from my paintings and, oh yes, I have sold coffee mugs adorned with my art. That, was easy. I was able to share my art with others and still had the originals to hold on to and look at.

I was proud of my work; how I have improved and how my style has morphed ( and is still changing as I learn).

Back in 2014, these were my first paintings:

These originals still hang in my studio. Is it because I think they are great paintings? No! But they ARE a reminder of a day when I was happy to be painting and proud of my beginning. I became attached to the sentiment that these paintings hold.

As time went on and I tried new techniques, and my art improved. This was the next stage (I found Copic markers!!!!!) :

I actually drew these girls on 4 x 6 sheets of scrap paper as I sat at my kitchen table. Full size paintings never came to fruition, but I still have some of the original illustrations in a zip lock bag.

From these cute little whimsical faces, came more confidence. With that confidence, I created a series I called "International Girlz". 

I loved these paintings and was so proud of my artisitic growth. I sold MANY prints of these paintings, as well as notecards. Each of these are shrink wrapped and they sit on a shelf in my studio. How on earth could I ever sell these? 

Last year, I made a decision to take a few art classes in hopes of improving my artistry and maybe develop a style that others would recognize. Since then, my art is changing and moving in a direction that I am not sure of, but I am enjoying.

Part 2 of this post will be out in a few days and will explain how I am able to let go. I think this is a struggle for many artists.

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