Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life and Studio Update

Wow, its been a couple weeks since I have posted any thing here. Like most people, I am consumed with holiday activity.

But, in addition to the norm, our family is also coming to grips with my daughter in law's recent diagnosis of an aggressive form of breast cancer.  She is young and that poses more of a struggle for her personally than it would for a woman of age. Though we are trying to be supportive, WE DON'T HAVE CANCER.  She does... and that has to be scary.

My granddaughter, Olivia knows of her mother's cancer and like any child her age, she does not think about it 24/7. Periodically, she is reminded when her mother has appointments or when she had her port put in and Olivia had to be careful around her while it healed. But, not like we think about it.

So, I , as well as her parents, have been trying to carry on with traditional activities for Olivia, so she doesn't miss any of the joy in the holidays amidst the shadow that is coveting all of us at this time.

If you follow me on instagram, you saw a video (poorly taped on my phone) of  O's Christmas Concert from last Thursday ( she's the penguin with the ponytail in the top row directly in  front of the boy reindeer).

Last weekend O and I made the sugar cookie cutouts and this weekend, we decorated them.

We are doing our family Christmas dinner on Friday, the 23rd. I had a few gifts to mail and a few gifts for Olivia to wrap. I also have overdue birthday presents to give out that night. I made some of the wrapping paper by embossing on a roll of kraft packing paper. 

I made the cards for Olivia's gifts out of left over gelli prints. The blue matched her wrapping paper perfectly.

 A couple weeks ago, I scheduled a Christmas Card making class.  We got a few different designs completed and I continued the following day and made a couple snowman cards.

I actually have done a few pages in my art journal and thought I would share them here.

Thank you for your patience in my haphazard posting as of late and thank you always for your continued support in following my life and art journeys!


  1. I hope you give Olivia a big hug from me, I cannot imagine what she is going through and I pray for your DIL. Your house and those presents just look divine, and I bet everyone enjoyed the card making class too! You have been so busy lately, no wonder we don't see much of you! Take care, Merry Christmas! Much love!

    1. Thanks, Sandee. It has definitely been emotionally full the last few weeks. Thank you for the prayers, thoughts, and hugs. My DIL has been a real trooper so far... she's a fighter :)
      I am enjoying the 'busy' though, cuz I go into a kind of hibernation after the holidays. Its a little better here in Florida, but prior years were so cold and gloomy until Easter.