Monday, January 9, 2017

Life and Studio - Tiff's Fundraiser & a Wine Bottle Class

There was good and bad for many in 2016. I think we all are hoping that the bad will turn around in the new year. We will work hard to put it behind us and  put all that lingers in perspective.

In October, my daughter in law, Tiffany, was diagnosed with an agressive breast cancer. She has begun chemo and will undergo a double masectomy at the conclusion of her treatment.

Saturday, her friends and family rallied in support at a fundraiser that was beyond words. They raised over $15,000!!!

Tiffany and Rachel (identical twins) and the greatest friends a girl could have!

My nephew from New York, Ryan, even surprised us by showing up.


I was not surprised that the turn out was so great for the fundraiser. My kids have an amazing group of friends who have each others' back ALWAYS!

The day after the fundraiser, we had a wine bottle class in the studio. It ended up being just two wonderful neighbors. I wanted to share their awesome bottles with you (I feel like a proud momma).

Thank you so much for following my art and life journeys.


  1. wow, $15,000.00 is awesome!! And I love the bottles that your neighbors created!

    1. Thanks, Sandee. The fundraiser turnout was amazing 😊... and the girls' bottles came out awesome. I wanted them to leave them on my bottle

  2. Your fundraiser and the reason for it reminds me that there is still a lot of goodness in the world. As for the bottles, I love them. I may try my hand at making one, too. I have a lot of art in my little condo, but there are no rules about putting a little art in the hallway I share with my neighbor. Have a wonderful new year and I will keep your daughter-in-law in my prayers.

    1. Aw...thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers. If you decide to try your hand at an altered wine bottle and have questions, just let me know...I would love to see it if you do one 😊