Monday, January 23, 2017

Intimidated, But Moving Forward Anyways

I have watched so many of my artist friends create videos, that I really wanted to try it. I have posted a couple of Facebook Live videos of my grandaughter and I artting and baking together.  That was only slightly intimidating (on a scale of 1-10, it is usually a 6) as Olivia is the star and she loves to be on camera.

I, on the other hand, HATE to be on camera. And, I especially dislike the tone of my voice. Whenever I hear it back, I wonder how people can stand to listen to me for any length of time.

That said, I love to teach in person and I'm on a journey of self acceptance, so I am taking the leap. 

A fellow artist shared with our group how she made an inexpensive camera stand. She shared it a while ago and I procrastinated ever since then of trying to make one and trying to make videos with my phone. So, after getting much support yesterday from a couple of artist friends, off to Home Depot I went with my list of supplies and funny diagram.

I am not sure what took me so long to do this, because it was sooooo easy. They cut all the pieces for me at Home Depot and I assembled it in the store to make sure I had everything. I think I may have encouraged a fellow shopper to make one as she was intruigued as she saw me putting it together.

Of course, I had to take it apart to go through the check out. I came straight home and reconstructed it on my diningroom table. I was so stinking excited.

This morning, I took it into the studio and set it up in my workspace. I was able to attach my phone and capture the desk area that I wanted to video. 

However, when I turned the video on to make a short recording (just to see if the set up was ok), I realized that I was very afraid. I don't think I said "um" that many times in my life as I said it in that 15 seconds! Do I need to prepare a script?? Perhaps I should start with voice over? 

I am going to move forward even though I feel extremely intimidated by sharing with the public via video, but surely could use some pointers from the more experienced. Help me get over this hump?


  1. Love the stand! As far as saying's something they address on "learning how to speak in front of others" (yes, I studied that for awhile, lol ) and basically it's just a thing you have to recognize that you do and try to make yourself stop doing it...which is why I uhm....don't talk so much on my

  2. If you can do practice runs without public posting the try that.