Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heritage Scrapbooking/ Genealogy

Many people spend countless hours researching their genealogy. What a wonderful gift to leave for future generations. I am doing the same because the facts and stories of my family are very precious to me. However, traditional genealogy research is documented on charts that are sometimes a little confusing to follow.

Heritage scrap booking can be an even more interesting way to document that same history.  Every page you include brings your ancestors to life. And, you can create a visual history of each person from their birth to their death.  You can see extended families and how they grow and have lived their lives.
You can creatively document the happy times as well as the not so happy times. After all, the combination of these events is the very core of your family. Your journaling can include stories, facts, names and dates of events. 

Although photography has been around for a long time, pictures of more than a couple of generations back are rare in some families.

I wanted to show you how I took the loose pictures of my parents’ wedding and a story from my Aunt and was able to create a heritage page that I think family members will enjoy for years to come.

Having lost both of my parents, these pages keep them alive in my heart.  ~ T

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