Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some More "William"

There has been a lot going on at Ya Ya Scrapbooking lately.

Opening my Etsy shop (, which currently features prints of my paintings, took quite a bit of time. I had to learn from the ground up and though it took quite a bit of research to learn the ins and outs, I am very proud of my shop.

I have been doing a little design work for a friend who has her own business. She has challenged me to learn Illustrator (the basics anyway) which is something I have wanted to dabble in for a long time. Thank you, Kathy ... I do believe you are my creative kindred spirit!

My 'to do" list lately is long and I wouldn't have it any other way. So, last night and this morning I worked on some overdue pages of "William" and I was able to cross one thing off that list.

Here they are and I LOVE THEM! Now to tackle more of that list :)

     Ya Ya

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