Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally Settled and Creating Art Again

I know I haven't posted here in a long time, but the move to Florida has been full of 'settling in' stuff.

I came with only what would fit in my car and realized that I left so many things behind that perhaps that wasn't the best choice. But, it is done.

My new home is minimalist to say the least.

I can:

Dine at a table

Sit on a sofa 

... and Sleep in a bed. 

Does one really need much more to carry on everyday existance?
Yes,... yes, one does. A studio is in the making.

The original garage in this house was converted into a room and I am using that as a studio. I have begun setting it up to work in as well as providing a place to hold mixed media classes.

I am so excited for this new adventure and I am adjusting to the changes it has made in my life. 

I am creating art again and I am loving that. 

Here is my very first piece of Florida art ...

More updates coming :)

As always, thank you for your patience in my absence from blogging and for supporting and encouraging me in my art journey.



  1. So glad to to see too back blogging looks like a great fresh start Tommy Joe

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I am trying to figure out how to tie together blogging and whatever social media I can in hopes of eliminating duplicate posts. This is all a learning curve for me.