Saturday, February 27, 2016

First Class Scheduled in Florida, Yay!

I finally confirmed a date for the first class I will be teaching here in Florida. Scheduled for April 13th, and having company for the whole month of March, I have been busy trying to get the studio ready.

I bought a couple tables and should be able to accommodate 8 students per class. I think 6-8 is a good size for the studio and is still small enough for students to be able to complete a nice mixed media piece.

Since that last photo was taken. I have been trying to hang some of my original artwork on the walls that will be available for purchase. I still have a ton of unframed pieces, so I may try to get some of them framed before that first class.

*Sneak Peek*
This is the piece I will be teaching for the class and it seems everyone is excited about creating their own.

Well, I am off to my first neighborhood barbecue since I moved in and I am very excited about meeting all my neighbors. 

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