Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Life Book 2016 Update

I signed up for Life Book 2016 back in January and so far I have completed every lesson but one. The one I haven't attempted requires collaging with pictures from magazines. I don't have any since moving to Florida, so I hope to complete that lesson when I can scavage some mags from friends and family.

I am truly loving this class and recommend it to anyone who wants to try different mediums and who needs a little boost in creativity. Sometimes, I find it helpful to see avenues that I never thought of traveling down to boost my own creativity.

Thought I would post what I have painted so far and will update again when I have completed a few more classes.

Some of the teachers challenge you to introspect as you create your own version of their lesson, so some of these can get rather personal. Growth of the soul is a good thing though, right?



  1. Lovely work, TommyJo - and glad to see you are settling into Florida so happily and comfortably!

  2. Thank you so much. I am just loving it here, but I remember how hot and humid the summers are, so we'll see how I feel come August :)